HDMI Extender

  • SHE-379
  • SHE-379
  • SHE-379


  • HDMI Extender 200-300M over Coaxial Cable
  • Support 1080P Loss LESS No-Delay 200m Transmission by RG59/RG60
  • Aluminium Housing
  • Product description: HDMI Extender 200-300M over Coaxial Cable, Support 1080P Loss LESS No-Delay 200m Transmission by RG59/RG60, with TNC To BNC Converter, Standard Power Input:5V-12V, Aluminium Housing, Size: 100*90*20mm
This product extend FULL HD HDMI signal up to 200m~300m over a single coaxial cable without any video loss and time delay. It also have many professional designs which suitable for various application scenario, especially for engineering project usage.Such as 5V-12V wide range power supply, mountable aluminum alloy shieding.

1. Extend FULL HD HDMI signal over 200m~300m via singal coaxial cable
2. No video loss, no time delay.
3. Very low cost solution.
4. Wide range power supply
5. With IR Romote Control

Standard Power Input:5V-12V
Power Consumption:3W
HDMI Port:HDMI A type Female
Coaxial Port:BNC
Link Connection:Coaxial Cable
Resolution Supported:1080p@60Hz / 1080p@50Hz / 1080p@30Hz / 1080p@25Hz720p@60Hz / 720p@50Hz  480p@60Hz
Operating:-20°C - 70°C
Storage Temperature:-40°C - 80°C
Humidity:20% ~ 90% RH(Non-condensing)

Package Contents:
Sender *1
Receiver *1
Power Adaptor *2
Manual *1
Infrared head *2